Maine Geeks iPhone, iPad, MacBook & PC Repair in Bangor & Ellsworth

Computer and iPhone repair jobs can sometimes be a nightmare so choosing a reliable service may be daunting . Here are tips to help guide you:


20 Minutes Replacement Too!

Is the company local? Having a local company ensures you get better service warranties. Local companies also pay more attention to maintaining a  professional reputation. It is easier to get refunds from local repair services than online or remote services

How long will it take for your Apple or PC Computer repair? Efficient computer repair services in Bangor and Ellsworth will have a turn around of less than a  week. Ask how long your computer repair will take. Some companies may offer a same day service for an extra emergency fee.

What is their billing system? Do they offer flat rate or hourly based computer repair?  A lot of local computer repair services will charge for computer  repair diagnostics even  if the problem with your MacBook,iPad,iPhone,iMac or PC was not fixed. Those charges are a nominal diagnostic fee to identify the cause of the problem and to assess if it’s worth the repair.

Forms of payment. Any Mac or PC repair/ support service in this day and age should take all  forms of electronic payment. Here at Maine Geeks we take all major credit cards, cash and the occasional gold bar.

Call, text or visit us to get your PC, MacBook, iPhone & iPad professionally diagnosed and resolved within a timely manner.

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