What’s the turnaround time?Maine Geeks has a “ Fast iPhone, Mac & PC Fix” solution for all software problems, and we stand by it. This is because of our proprietary method we use to fix computer systems. If it’s your lucky day you may get to watch us at play…

What is an autopsy fee? This is the diagnostic fee of $29 – 89 based on the device however if we do go ahead and repair your computer it is waived. Please call and a geek will be able to address your concerns immediately.

What if the problem you fixed reappears?We want to make absolutely certain you’re satisfied with the service you are given. That’s why you’ll actually receive a call from us instead of the other way around. A geek will follow up with you shortly after you receive service to make sure everything is still working OK. If there is still a problem, you are covered under our 30 day service guarantee. So if your computer isn’t working right after the fix, or if the problem comes back, as long as its within 30 days, you can bring it back in and we’ll make sure that whatever the glitch is gets resolved.

What does this service cost? This will vary rather widely based on what the problem is. Many computer repair companies will charge based on an hourly rate. This encourages them to take longer in order to fix your problem. Places that charge a more flat rate are often more confident about fixing the problem, and often care more about good service. We are set on creating repeat customers who trust us instead of just trying to exploit the first timers.