Maine Geeks was established in February of 2010 during the massive IT unemployment countrywide.

We sought out a solution to provide efficient computer repair without the huge manpower or financial muscle. After extensive research and developing new ways to achieve this goal we designed a system that gets rid of 99% of computer software problems in just minutes. Now that we have our ace in the hole then came the marketing part and thus our promise  “Fast Computer Repair” which we stand by.

Our very competitive rates, fast turnaround and ease in computer repair has yielded great savings and less heartache to many of our clients. With this technical knowledge and refinement we continue to double our client base annually while maintaining a customer satisfaction rate of over 99%.

From inception we have always emphasized the strong presence of our after sales support and this has been greatly appreciated by our clients. Not only do they receive Fast Computer Repair service in addition is a 30 day service guarantee that is unmatched in the area.

We are fortunate to have maintained the small feel of this operation and the attention to detail. With the ever present constrained IT budgets and limited resources many institutions and business have been struggling to keep up with their IT infrastructure. We currently provide Free demonstrations to both business and institutions so they can be aware of this development and take charge of their IT resources while greatly  reducing their cost and downtime.

To schedule a Free demonstration at your facility you can reach us by email or phone and we’ll be glad to share this with you.

Stay warm.

Tier III Geek
Angelo Carvalho