Computer Data Recovery Bangor Maine

computer data recoveryComputer data recovery is the least desired situation one would have on his/ her computer. Without the files and information stored on your computer, there wouldn’t be anything for it to do. Your computer stores your projects, photos, stories, videos, and almost every aspect of your life.

This is why it’s critically important that you make sure you protect this data. The truth is though, that from time to time there will be a glitch, or a power outage, or a virus, or a hardware failure, or one of an infinite number of other problems that will cause some of your data to become corrupted.

In these cases, it’s a good idea to use every computer data recovery tool available to you. This can include simple methods that are already available on your computer, or more advanced methods that you may need to download to properly use.

Simple Methods

Of course, it’s always a good idea to check the simplest of methods for data recovery first. This could include the “Recycle Bin” on your computer’s desktop. You can simply open the bin, right click on any files there and send them back to your computer as long as you haven’t emptied the bin yet.

 Free Software

You can also download free data recovery software online to help get files back you might have lost. Examples include Undelete Plus and Recuva. These programs will take you through the process of finding any files that you’ve deleted, but that haven’t been overwritten yet.

The way your computer works, is that when you delete a file, it doesn’t go away immediately. Instead, your computer simply marks this file as something that can be overwritten on the disk when the space is needed. Free programs can scan your disk for files that haven’t been overwritten yet, and then recover these files back to regular use.

The key with this is to make sure that you start the data recovery as quickly as possible. This will maximize the potential files that you can recover since you will be able to get them back before they have been overwritten. Once the file has been overwritten, it is beyond your reach.

 SD Card Data Recovery

Your smart-phone is another place where you keep important data files. Many pictures and videos can be stored here as well. It’s a good idea to backup these files on the cloud, in other places like your computer or places like Dropbox. But in the cases where you want to get files back that weren’t backed up, and that weren’t on the cloud, you’ll have to recover files from the SD card.

SD cards are what your phone uses to store data. Programs like CardRecovery can help you get these files back. This will usually involve connecting your phone to your computer via a USB cord, and then mounting the card to your computer so you have access to it. A recovery program can then go through your entire SD card and find files to recovery, similar to what would happen with a normal computer data recovery program.

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