Fixing Slow Computers

fix slow computerSlow computers can have a negative effect on everything you do. This is because so much of what we do in modern society focuses on computers and the Internet. Many people pay bills, order food, and even work using their computer. Many hobbies such as writing or play video games are done through a computer as well. Fixing a computer that is running sluggishly can help enormously in regards to how much money you make, how frustrated you get, and in general how happy your life is.

Here is a list of things you can do to help fix a slow computer.

 -Uninstall Programs

Over the years the number of programs you install will just keep getting greater. Depending on what operating system you use, the procedure for uninstalling programs might be different. But generally you want to go to the “Control Panel” if you’re using a version of Windows and look for the option for adding or removing programs. Go down the list and pick programs that you installed yourself.

Make sure you know what the program does before uninstalling it. Try to target programs that are taking up a large amount of space. You can often change the filter settings in the control panel selection to show the programs that take up the most memory. If your hard drive is too full of programs, then your computer could very likely run a lot slower than you would like.

 -Scan for Spyware

Even the safest browsers are likely to eventually end up with malware programs that eat up memory. These can also be dangerous in the sense of sending out information to third parties that you don’t want. So, scanning for and removing malware has multiple positive effects. There are many free anti-spyware programs online that you can get.

 -Clean the Registry

There are programs such as CCleaner that can help you clean your computer’s registry. This part of your computer can gain errors over time and cleaning it periodically can instantly fix some of your computer’s slowness.

 -Clean Your Browser

Your Internet browser can be the source of a lot of computer slowness problems. This is because it takes up a lot of virtual memory, especially if you open a large number of tabs. Keeping the number of tabs you have to a minimum will also ensure that your computer isn’t unnecessarily slowed down. It’s a good idea to also clean the cache of your browser. It can fill up from time to time with cookies, which can seriously slow down the browser operation.

-Close Programs You Don’t Need

Close down any programs that you don’t need, especially ones that you see in your systray in the bottom right of your screen.

 The Best Solution

Overall, however, the best solution for slow computer repair is to do a complete system rebuild. That will have the most long lasting effect on a computer that has become slow. It’s impossible to completely fix a slow computer without full reconstructing the system, due to the great number of things that work together to slow down your machine.

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