Internet on the Go For $29 / Yr

Don’t Get Ripped Get Even

I recently walked into Verizon and asked them to tether my phone so I could be able to work while at camp.

I was told that since I have the unlimited data plan and had been grandfathered into I still would have to pay extra for data. What’s the point of having an unlimited data plan and still have to get charged twice. So I scoured the web and was shocked at the number of people in my position. Well here is the workaround…….

Do you have an unlimited data plan for your phone service and your carrier wants you to pay extra to tether your phone.

You don’t need to. Carriers have been trying to get us off these grandfather plans and continue to rip us off. why should you pay extra yet we already have unlimited data plans. Visit and follow their simple instructions and for only $29 annually you can avoid being held at ransom by your service provider with this legal and simple solution.


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