After Sales & Warranties

After Sales Support

One thing that many computer companies neglect these days is after sales support. But not us, we focus on it! There is a 30 day service warranty  on everything. This is way beyond what anyone else in the area is offering. But we feel that warranty and guarantees is a critical aspect of any business.

After all, those other companies in the area that don’t offer such a guarantee are essentially saying that they don’t guarantee their company’s excellence. In contrast, we’re so confident that we’ll actually call you within 7 days of service to make sure that everything checks out OK. You won’t ever have to spend minutes, hours and days trying to track down your service technician company on the phone to ask them why they forgot to do something, or why something didn’t work out and then wait even longer for them to come back and fix something that they should’ve done the first time through.

We are dead set on your satisfaction, which is why we have an over 99% customer satisfaction rate. It’s why we call you instead of the other way around, to make sure there was nothing to improve upon, and that you’re completely satisfied with the service. It’s not very likely we’d be able to get such a high rating otherwise!

Focus on Excellence

Many other services don’t have the 7 day service call which is why their customer service percentages tend to suffer. Staying in contact with customers is critical to maintaining a great customer service rate like what we have. We believe that you should be completely happy with your service and that there shouldn’t be the least bit of doubt about whether your computer or other device has received exactly what you wanted to begin with so you can go on using it in exactly the way that you want to.

Any service that hems or haws about whether you really need a tech to come out again, or whether you really need anything new regarding the service don’t care about your satisfaction to the degree that we do. We’ll go out of our way every time to make sure that the service met and even exceeded expectations, even going as far to all you to make sure. You’ll never have to track us down to get us to do what we try to make absolutely sure to do right on the first time.

All it takes is one call on your part, or a mention when we call you, and we’ll get whatever problem you have with the service sorted out right away, depending on the circumstances. You can count on us, and we’re fine with proving it.

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