Super Fast PC Repair

Super Fast PC Turn around – Minimal Downtime

PC downtime is the great wrecker of university labs, town offices, and just about any facility that relies on keeping their computers up in order to running smoothly. And the tragic thing is, problems that can lead to major disasters in these institutions can often be fixed fast.

But, even if the problems are fixed, if computer technicians take their sweet time to do it, it could mean days or even weeks of downtime where no one can use any number of affected PCs.

Finding The Solution

So what’s the solution? The key is to have the right technician with the right tools on the job. Downtime can be reduced by a huge amount by using a system that makes it so that 99 percent of all computer problems are knocked off in just 15-25 minutes! This can be done on anywhere between 1 and 400 computers or all at the same time.

The advantage is that it takes just a short amount of time to fix a whole batch of computers! Imagine what it would be like to go through computer after computer, and trying to diagnose each different problem for scores of computers! That could be literally thousands of man hours to fix, which could cost you a truly huge sum of money/ manpower, and it’s all totally unnecessary.

It doesn’t even matter what problem each individual computer has. This solution will fix them all the same with one move.

What Will It Fix?

This technique will fix 99% of all problems, so the short answer is that it will fix anything. This includes:

  • The Blue Screen of Death
  • Virus infected computers
  • Endless Malware popups
  • Disk errors
  • Slow computers
  • And more

The solution is essentially a cure-all, so the exact nature of the problem isn’t all that relevant in most cases to whether it will work or not, how long it will take, or how fast and efficient your computer will run afterwards.

How Does This All Work?

There’s a lot of little details that are crucial to making this happen, but in broad strokes it works like this. A technician sets up a test computer with a copy of Windows that has been tweaked to make it perfect in terms of running speed and all the software that could be needed for any particular environment. Then, we use imaging software to make a master copy of this test computer.

Finally, the System Preparation tool, called Sysprep, is used to reset up to hundreds of computers right away at breakneck speed. With the snap of a finger (minus 10 or 20 minutes of setup time) and presto, a computer is reset back to perfect working order.

And even more than that, a whole fleet of computers can be reset in the same way… for the same amount of time!

The other amazing thing is-this works no matter how slow / error ridden the computer is originally. You could literally put all of your efforts to purposefully mess up a computer’s software operation, and this cure-all would reset it back to the master copy anyway, just like that.

Sound like a stretch? Well, be a good scientist then, and test us out! We’d be happy to show you with a free demo.

Bottom Line Benefits and ROI

So the main question that is probably popping into your head, is what’s the return on investment here? Just how is all of this worth it? Well, here are a few examples.

  • Up to 75% Savings – Since you can use this system to have 1 computer tech for every 400 users, the savings in repair costs are off the charts.
  • Reduced Downtime – Some computer fixes can take hours or even days. Now 99% of them can be done in a maximum of 25 minutes!
  • Speediest Turn AroundWe get in, we get out, and your PC is suddenly error-free. Beyond the down-time, not having to wait around for techs to fix computers is a benefit all by itself. After all, technicians that have to come back day after day can totally disrupt your operations.

This means that you get a huge return on investment by saving potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars on repair and maintenance, depending on how many computers you have

Get Your Free Demo

We are willing to come to your facility and give you a completely free demonstration of the system so you can see how it’s done. We have mastered and refined this process and continue to test it in varied environments. The positive stable master copy can be pasted from computer to computer over the network, wiping clean all of the problems, viruses, and glitches  leaving you with a completely clean, new set of computers, completely ready to start over fresh and new.

But you don’t have to take our word for it at all. Let us show you how this fast turnaround minimal downtime huge savings and high ROI process works, so you can judge it for yourself, totally independent and impartial!

We’re convinced you’ll be as impressed as we and others are, but there’s no obligation.

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