After Sales & Warranties

After Sales Support One thing that many computer companies neglect these days is after sales support. But not us, we focus on it! There is a 30 day service warranty  on everything. This is way beyond what anyone else in … Continue reading

Super Fast PC Repair

Super Fast PC Turn around – Minimal Downtime PC downtime is the great wrecker of university labs, town offices, and just about any facility that relies on keeping their computers up in order to running smoothly. And the tragic thing … Continue reading

FBI Virus Computer Hijack

The FBI virus is all over the news these days. It will start out with no particular warning whatsoever. Suddenly you’ll see a window with an official FBI emblem on it. The message will tell you that your system is … Continue reading

Securing Your Computer From Threats

It can be a worrisome and frustrating thing if you end up with a virus or other type of Malware on your computer. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to deal with such problems and keep your computer secure. … Continue reading

Internet Parental Control

The Benefits of Parental Controls The problem with many parental control systems is that they only work on specific devices. Many of them have to be programmed individually into a computer for a particular user, for example. This means that … Continue reading

Computer Data Recovery Bangor Maine

Computer data recovery is the least desired situation one would have on his/ her computer. Without the files and information stored on your computer, there wouldn’t be anything for it to do. Your computer stores your projects, photos, stories, videos, … Continue reading

Fixing Slow Computers

Slow computers can have a negative effect on everything you do. This is because so much of what we do in modern society focuses on computers and the Internet. Many people pay bills, order food, and even work using their … Continue reading